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Lifetime Financial Planning

Comprehensive Financial Planning & Investment Management

For Hardworking Individuals & Households

We believe that good financial planning is less about defining outcomes and more about working to create more and better options for tomorrow that allow you to live with intention.

Our process begins with listening. We ask questions and then we listen some more. Through this exploration we’ll uncover the most prominent matters of concern, help you clarify financial direction and focus, and then walk with you through implementation and the inevitable twists and turns of life. We’re open-minded and honest about what works, what doesn’t, where to be careful and where to relax.

No Matter Where You Are in Your Journey

We’ll Be There To Guide You

While there’s a broad range of issues that arise during our advice relationships with clients, some of the areas we find most common are:

Moments of Transition Mechanicsburg, PA Verity Wealth Advisors

Moments of Transition

Large life changes often require significant financial decisions. Whether due to a career change, a decision to retire, a family loss or other significant event, we are honored to be there to help navigate challenges.

Tax Optimization Mechanicsburg, PA Verity Wealth Advisors

Tax Optimization

All of our financial advice, from how retirement income is structured to how we structure your portfolio, is given in the context of how it affects your taxes over your lifetime.

Charitable Planning Mechanicsburg, PA Verity Wealth Advisors

Charitable Planning

For those charitably motivated, we will explore ways to maximize the impact of your giving and its tax benefit.

Retirement Income Planning Mechanicsburg, PA Verity Wealth Advisors

Retirement Income Planning

Transitioning from your earning and saving years into retirement can be daunting. We help craft and coordinate clear and thoughtful retirement income plans for our clients.

Benefits Optimization Mechanicsburg, PA Verity Wealth Advisors

Benefits Optimization

For those still working, we provide advice on how to maximize employer benefits available to you.

Social Security & Medicare Planning Mechanicsburg, PA Verity Wealth Advisors

Social Security & Medicare Planning

These programs are often a significant piece of a successful retirement and we want to be sure our clients make the most of them.

Risk Protection & Insurance Needs Mechanicsburg, PA Verity Wealth Advisors

Risk Protection & Insurance Needs

Protecting against major risks is a key piece of a successful financial life. We analyze needs and recommend appropriate coverages to keep clients and their families secure.

Estate & Legacy Planning Mechanicsburg, PA Verity Wealth Advisors

Estate & Legacy Planning

Whether simple or complex, everyone should have an orderly estate plan. We discuss client’s circumstances and potential solutions and often serve as collaborators to client’s attorneys.

Intelligent Investing Mechanicsburg, PA Verity Wealth Advisors

Intelligent Investing

We start with you and your needs – both current and future. Our belief is that a well-built investment portfolio must always be designed in the context of a client’s broader financial plan.

Begin With a Discovery Meeting